Why do American men love East European women

"East European women are the most beautiful in the world!", - the first answer that comes to mind. The stereotype is true, but this is not the only reason East European women charm American men. They have very similar views on life, family, career, which is very close. However, there is in the mentality and significant differences that intrigue and diversify family life.

Why meeting East European women is a real luck?

It doesn't matter have you met a girl on the East European women dating site or met her on the street, at a business or friendly meeting, you are very lucky. If you win her trust and she agrees to get married, you will get an unbelievable wife, a caring mother for your children and soul friend for the rest of his life. Why East European women are so good for marriage?

Appearance and personal care.

Think of the American women you saw on the street or in the supermarket today. Their appearance speaks about one thing: "I dress as it is convenient for me." Slavic women must make sure they look beautiful before going out. She is ready to suffer inconvenience, spend time dressing, hairdo, makeup, but to go out attractive. It would never occur to her to run to the store in curlers or home clothes. This is the main point of the contrast between East European women and American women.

In the Slavic countries, the concept of "overweight" is interpreted in their own way. Often a girl with a height of 170 cm and a weight of 68 kg is sure that she is at least 5 kg overweight. Even plump people by nature try to keep themselves in shape so as not to look ugly and like themselves in the mirror. This does not mean that your Russian or Ukrainian bride will require you to switch to organic food in small portions six times a day. She will be able to balance the diet of the available foods, but be prepared to cut back on beer, chips and mayonnaise. Don't worry, no American man has died from such a diet. On the contrary, everyone just thanked their Slavic wives!

Self-development and education.

Meeting East European women, be sure that she has at least one higher education or is studying at an institute. Young girls prefer to invest time and money in education in order to open up more opportunities for themselves and build a career. If you are dating a middle-aged Slavic woman, she can turn out to be an expert in several areas. Often, by the age of 30–40, they change their profession or start making money on their hobby, which is not related to their main job.

Beautiful East European women are beautiful not only outside, but also inside. They are constantly engaged in self-development, are interested in many areas of life and infect friends and relatives with interest. If you feel the potential of Elon Musk, but do not know how to unleash it, your Slavic wife will find a way.

Caring for loved ones.

Family traditions are very developed in the Slavic countries. Respect for parents, support of relatives, both blood relatives and from the future husband - this goes without saying for a Slavic bride. She is ready to take care of your beloved grandfather simply because he is a family member and needs help. Many women after 30 are divorced and have children from a previous marriage. Often such East European women are seeking, first of all, a good father to their children. In Slavic countries, after divorce, fathers do not want to take on the responsibility of raising children, leaving them to their mothers. If you yourself bring up heirs from a previous marriage, you have a huge bonus over such a woman!

Sincerity and femininity.

Dating East European women, you will immediately understand what she likes about you and what she doesn't. She will not wear a mask of politeness and smile at unfunny jokes, pretend that your wrinkled shirt does not bother her at all. If she doesn't say anything, she will definitely refuse the second date. But if she really liked you, she will not hide it. Love, care, attention, admiration - you will read it in her eyes, not understanding a single word in her native language. That is why Slavic brides are considered the most beautiful East European women. Another advantage over American women is that Slavic women are not so emancipated. They understand that men and women are different and do not try to compete with the opposite sex where they will obviously lose. They know their advantages and know how to use them. Next to your sexy Slavic women you will always feel like a Man with a capital letter. You can feel it now. Go to the girls directory and start chatting with anyone you like.

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