Terms and Conditions

User agreement (Terms and Conditions)

The Agreement is an agreement between any adult legally capable natural person (hereinafter referred to as the User) on the one hand and Lucky Match Agency (hereinafter referred to as the Agency) on the other hand.

Agency is a company officially registered in Ukraine. In its work the company is guided by Ukrainian laws. All information is posted on the site is for review purposes only. The Agency does not require the User to perform any actions other than compliance with this agreement.

1. Terms of use

1.1. By checking the box next to the text “I accept the terms of the user agreement” during registration, clicking the “Register” button, the user accepts this agreement in full. If he does not agree with certain provisions of the document and does not make a mark of consent during registration, the Agency does not allow him to use the services of the site, does not register on the service and does not provide services. The contract applies to all Users, regardless of the purpose for which they visited the site.

1.2. To improve the service, the Agency reserves the right to change and supplement the user agreement without notifying the User about it. We recommend that you regularly check this section of the site and read updates to avoid misunderstandings. Changes take effect after publication on the site, if other not specified. Continuing to use the site, the User automatically accepts innovations.

1.3. The user communicates with representatives of the Agency through e-mail, chat, mobile phone communications. The information collected through these means of communication has the same legal force as this agreement and can be used in resolving disputes.

1.4. The Agency may transmit to partner organizations information about User's account for advertising and other purposes, having received consent from him.

1.5. The agency reserves the right to formally transfer its rights and obligations to another legal entity. In this case, the Agency does not ask the User for permission to transfer his data to a third party, but only notifies the decision by e-mail.

1.6. The user does not have the right to copy and distribute any information published on the site without the prior consent of the Agency.

1.7. The user is prohibited from using any automated access and data collection programs on the site.

2. Registration conditions

2.1 To create an account, the User must indicate his full name and email address in the corresponding fields. When registering, it is forbidden to use a fake or someone else's name, vulgar words.

2.2. On the Agency’s website, individuals who:
a) have come of age. Persons over 18 years of age or another age provided for by the laws of the User’s country are considered adults;
b) do not have a criminal record;
c) plan to use the site for personal purposes;
d) agree with the provisions of this agreement.

The Agency is not responsible for the fact that the User provided inaccurate data or plans to use the site for other purposes.

2.3. By registering on the site, the User confirms that in his country there are no restrictions on access to the site. The agency supports only legal participation in the community and reserves the right to refuse registration or delete an illegally registered account without a refund.

2.4. If the User’s data has changed, he is obliged to make the appropriate changes to the account within 10 (ten) calendar days.

2.5. The Agency has the right to delete the User account, which:
- violates the terms of this agreement; 
- violates ethical and moral standards, exerts psychological pressure on other users; 
- indicated false information during registration; 
- inactive for six months.

If other members of the community complain about the User for spamming, offensive, annoying, unwanted information, the Agency deletes the User’s account without returning funds.

2.6. If the User wants to delete his account, he must contact the technical service of the site at any time convenient for him. The user has the right not to explain the reasons why he decided to stop using the services of the site.

3. Payment for participation

3.1. Registration on the Agency’s website is free.

3.2. Additional services on the site are paid and are provided only to registered participants.

3.3. Additional services include:
- personal messages or letters to others Users;
- video calls with other Users;
- gift delivery;
- tour to Ukraine.

Please note that in order to arrange delivery of a gift or a tour to Ukraine, the User must accept an additional agreement.

3.4. You can pay for additional services with the virtual currency of the site, which is valid only on this resource - Credits. Currency can only be used to purchase additional services. It can not be transferred to other users, displayed on a bank card, received as compensation. The procedure for calculating Credits is indicated in the corresponding section of the site, which is available to registered users. Credits must be used within a year, after 365 days they are canceled.

3.5. The Agency does not repay Credits, does not reimburse costs, unless they are related to malfunctions of the site, data processing system. In such cases, the User needs to contact the technical support manager, state the reason for the appeal and indicate his registration data.

4. Security Policy

4.1. The user himself is responsible for the safety of his personal data. To protect it, you must adhere to the following rules:
- log out at the end of the session
- do not use an unknown Internet connection when logging into your account;
- make sure that family members, friends do not have access to the User account;
- do not use public devices to access your account.

The Agency is not responsible for the disclosure of the User’s personal information if he did not adhere to these rules.

4.2. The agency is responsible for the loss, disclosure or illegal use of user data only in the case of fault of its employee.

4.3. If the User suspects that his account has been hacked or is not sure of the safety of his data, he is obliged to notify the technical service of the site about this within 5 (five) calendar days after the hack is detected.

5. Responsibility of the parties in communication

5.1. Responsibility for communication on the site lies entirely with the User. The agency urges extremely cautious to share personal information with the interlocutor: data on a credit card, car, insurance and more.

5.2. Guided by the privacy policy, Agency employees do not check the personal data of participants, do not monitor the correspondence between users. An employee can access correspondence if both parties to the dialogue agree to this. Otherwise, managers only respond to complaints related to violations of this agreement.

5.3. The Agency does not recommend using the advice and recommendations of other community members if the User cannot figure out the site. If such problems occur, he should contact the site support service. If it seems to the User that someone is trying to find out his personal information, he is obliged to notify Agency employees about this within 5 (five) calendar days after a suspicious dialogue.

5.4. The agency is not responsible for the result of communication between users. It is responsible only for the technical part of the process, namely:
- checks whether the data specified during registration complies with the rules of the agreement;
- responds to a violation of the rules by users;
- provides technical support, helping to understand the site.

6. Rules for communication with users

6.1. The agency does not limit users in communication, allowing them to independently choose the style, quantity, time of communication. But Agency employees have the right to delete the User’s account without warning, if that:
- violates the rules of this agreement;
- uses the service to collect information about users for advertising, commercial purposes, dissemination of unwanted information;
- sends dangerous files, multimedia information, viruses, codes and software to users that may interfere with the operation of the site and user devices;
- sends users copyrighted materials without the prior consent of the author;
- intentionally or unintentionally interferes with the site;
- trying to hack into user accounts;
- offends, humiliates users or employees of the Agency.

6.2. If the violation is minor, Agency employees may issue a warning to the User. He must eliminate the violation within 5 (five) calendar days. If this does not happen, the Agency reserves the right to delete the account.

7. Rules for communicating with the support service

7.1. The support service communicates with the User online through an internal chat on the site or through the email address specified by him during registration.

7.2. By accepting this agreement, the User agrees to be polite with the support staff. Both the User and employees are forbidden to threaten, harass, insult, hurt, humiliate the interlocutor, including on racial grounds. If the User cannot control his behavior during communication, his account will be deleted in accordance with the provisions of this agreement.

8. Publication of information, materials

8.1. Information published by the User must not infringe copyright, the right to privacy and other rights of third parties.

8.2. Employees of the Agency have the right to block the account of the User who entered incorrect personal data, attached an inappropriate photo. It is proposed to eliminate defects within 5 (five) days. If the User has not made changes, the account is deleted.

8.3. Putting a mark on reading the user agreement and clicking the registration button, the User transfers to the Agency the right to use his personal information, photos. Only in this case data can be displayed on the site. The agency undertakes to use the information within the framework of the law of Ukraine and this user agreement.

9. Additional provisions

9.1. The user registers on the site and uses his services of his own free will. The Agency does not insist on registration, communication with other users, does not force to follow the instructions on the site, except for this agreement. All information provided on other pages of the site is provided for information only.

9.2. The Agency does not accept complaints regarding:
- cost and volume of services provided;
- non-compliance of services with the requirements of the User;
- the result of communication with other users;
- lack of information on the site to achieve the desired result;
- services not provided due to technical problems on the part of the User or his provider.

9.3. The user is fully responsible for the operation of their devices to access the Internet, the software installed on them. By accepting files or software from other users of the site, he acts at his own risk.

9.4. The agency is not responsible for expenses, fees, taxes, losses, injuries associated with any trips organized by users of the site. It is also not responsible for injuries and losses of the User received from other members of the community. The responsibility of the Agency for organizing tours in Ukraine is fixed in a separate document.

9.5. The Agency is not responsible for services not provided in case of force majeure:
- in case of malfunctions in the operation of hardware or software, power supply;
- during hurricanes, fires, floods, storms, explosions, other natural disasters;
- during strikes, riots, wars;
- in the case of government actions, orders of domestic or foreign courts, administrative authorities;
- in case of default by third parties.

9.6. The Agency does not guarantee that any member of the community will respond to the User’s request. Use common sense when sending inquiries and expecting results.

Refund Policy

Our agency does not issue any refunds, which we warn about in the corresponding section of the “User Agreement”. Please read the terms of participation carefully before registering. If you started using the services of the site, you automatically agreed to all the provisions of the document.

We are ready to consider complaints related only to malfunctions of the site, data processing system. If you are unhappy with the resource, contact the technical support manager in the appropriate section. Be prepared to give a clear reason for the appeal, as well as your registration information.