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Love is a gift that everyone wants to receive. Man, woman, adult, child - we all want to be loved, to feel care, attention. There always comes a moment in life when you realize how little it takes to be happy - to love someone and feel the same thing in return. I am sure that in the relationship between a man and a woman it is important that a man knows how to show his feelings. When a woman sees and understands that they love her, she blossoms becomes tender and ready for everything for her man. If you can make your woman happy, you will receive all the riches of the world!

I am Looking For

Muzhchinu, gotovogo vzyat' na sebya rol' moyego zashchitnika i geroya. On gotov drat'sya s lyubymi demonami radi moyego schast'ya i spokoystviya. Poka demony spyat, i nam nichego ne ugrozhayet, on budet zabotit'sya obo mne, darit' tsvety i tselovat' v sheyu po utram. Moy geroy ponimayet, chto zhenshchina — nezhnoye i bezzashchitnoye sushchestvo. On okruzhit menya vnimaniyem i laskoy, pozabotitsya o moyem komforte. Chashka kofe i svezhiy kruassan s moyey lyubimoy nachinkoy utrom na stole — eto tozhe geroyskiy postupok, kotoryy ya obyazatel'no otsenyu po dostoinstvu. Ty gotov stat' moim rytsarem? Napishi mne ob etom. Развернуть 567/5000 A man ready to take on the role of my protector and hero. He is ready to fight with any demons for the sake of my happiness and peace. While the demons sleep and nothing threaten us, he will take care of me, give flowers and kiss on the neck in the morning. My hero understands that a woman is a gentle and defenseless creature. He will surround me with attention and affection, take care of my comfort. A cup of coffee and a fresh croissant with my favorite filling on the table in the morning is also a heroic act, which I will definitely appreciate. Are you ready to become my knight? Write to me about it.