Why are Russian women so pretty?

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It’s not a secret to anyone that Russian women are widely considered to be extremely beautiful. While this may sound like just another stereotype, albeit a good one, many of us have had the opportunity to meet Russian and Slavic women and witness their beauty with our own eyes. Indeed, while there are gorgeous women in every country around the world, it seems like Russia has a much higher number of breathtakingly gorgeous women. Here are some reasons why Russian women are so beautiful:

Ethnic diversity gives Russian women their unparalleled beauty

Numerous scientific studies have shown that we generally find people with a mixed ethnic background more beautiful. This is because we instinctively try to find partners who would give the healthiest offspring because of a greater degree of genetic diversity. This phenomenon gives Russian women a huge advantage since Russia is an enormous country with a very large number of ethnic groups that vary a lot in their appearance. For instance, women in Central and Western parts of Russia are traditionally blonde and fair-skinned, while women from Eastern Russia have dark hair and eyes.

Russian women know how to present themselves

Another secret of why Russian women are so pretty lies in their ability to present themselves. Most Russian women wear make up every day even if they are only going to work, shopping or out for a walk. Russian women also love to dress up, which is why it’s very rare to see a Russian woman in sweats or an old, oversized T-shirt - this kind of attire is generally considered to be okay only if the woman runs out to a store near her house. Additionally, beauty services in Russia are on a completely different level from those offered in the US or Europe and it’s quite uncommon for a woman not to get her nails, eyebrows and even eyelashes done on a regular basis.

Russian women are beautiful on the inside

Russian women are beautiful both inside and out and their high level of intellect is a clear sign of that. Did you know that Russia is among world leaders when it comes to female education? Russia introduced higher education for women all the way back in the 1850s and today, almost 40% of Russian women have higher education, which is higher than the percentage of college-educated men in Russia. Most women you will meet in Russia are highly educated, which is an excellent addition to their external beauty.

Frequently asked questions about Russian beauty

Do Russian women only care about their looks?

Russian women are truly beautiful but they are not vapid by any means - most Russian women are also extremely intelligent, caring individuals with rich personalities.

Are all Russian women blonde?

Russian women are commonly portrayed as fair-skinned goddesses with blue eyes and light-colored hair but it’s just a stereotype - while there are a lot of women that look like that, there are also Russian women who have dark or red hair and green or brown eyes, so you can be sure that there’s a Russian woman out there for you no matter what looks you prefer.

Are all Russian women slim?

Fitness is very important for Russian women, so a lot of them go to the gym regularly and stay slim. However, just like in any other country around the world, there are some Russian women who are not slim but they are still very beautiful.