Where to meet women in Kiev?

Best places to meet girls in Kiev, Ukraine. Best restaurants, night clubs and bars where you can meet beautiful Ukrainian women in Kyiv reviewed in our guide.

Best places to meet girls in Kiev, Ukraine. Best restaurants, night clubs and bars where you can meet beautiful Ukrainian women in Kyiv reviewed in our guide.

If you’re a single man who is planning to visit Kiev, Ukraine in search of a girlfriend and even a future wife, you’re in luck - the city has tens of thousands of gorgeous women who are looking for a relationship. It can be hard to meet women if you’re a foreigner and don’t know the city well at all, which is why we’ve prepared this guide of all the places where you can meet women in Kyiv.

Meet women in bars and clubs in Kiev

New bars and clubs where you can meet single women in Kyiv pop up every day but some of the most popular establishments where single men and women go to meet each other include Indigo, Chi, D.Fleur, SkyBar, Alchemist Bar, Shooters, Closer and others. While these Kiev nightclubs and bars are a lot of fun to be at and have awesome parties that are attended by hundreds of gorgeous women, there’s a downside - a lot of women that you meet at clubs and bars might be more interested in your money than you as a person. You might even stumble upon some women who offer sexual services or escort for money. There’s a greater chance to stumble upon gold diggers in bars located in the Arena City area but you can visit Dali park or bars in the Podil area where the dating scene is not as prominent but there’s also a greater chance to meet a woman who’s genuinely looking for companionship.

Where to meet women in Kiev in the daytime?

If you’re not a big fan of bars and nightclubs, you can meet women in other places around the city during the day. For instance, there are many beaches and beach clubs that lots of single women visit in the summer. These include Olmeca Plage, Bora Bora Beach Club, Sandali Beach Club and others and Trukhaniv Island, Hidropark or UBK city beaches. If you visit Kiev when the weather is cold, you can try your luck in one of the many shopping malls, including Ocean Plaza, Gulliver or SkyMall or take a stroll down Khreshatik street or Independence Square and try meeting other women who are out for a walk in the city center.

Meet Ukrainian women online

As you can see, meeting women in Kyiv can be challenging, so your best bet might be to meet Ukrainian women online in advance of your trip to Kiev - this way you will already have one or even a few Ukrainian girls who are interested in you when you visit the country, which can make your task of finding the love of your life a lot easier. Our website is the perfect place to meet Ukrainian women who are looking for a serious relationship with a foreigner.

Frequently asked questions about meeting and dating women in Kiev

Where to take a woman on a date in Kiev?

If you took our advice and met with a woman online before your visit to Kyiv, you might now be wondering about where you can take your date. It’s best to start slow and take your date out for a walk in the park or coffee but you can then proceed with a real dinner date at a restaurant like Citronelle, Odessa, Palata 6, Guramma and others.

Are all Ukrainian women only interested in a man’s money?

If you only meet Ukrainian women in nightclubs and bars in the Arena City area, you might get the impression that most of them are gold diggers or sugar babies, but that’s not the case. If you choose the right places to meet Ukrainian girls, you will find a lot of incredible women who are looking for a serious relationship or at least a casual hookup and are not interested in your wallet.

What is the best time to visit Kiev to meet women?

Just like a lot of Eastern European countries, the best time to visit Ukraine is summer and the end of spring, since the weather is warm and pleasant during this time and there are lots of women who are just out and about during this time.

How to get around Kyiv?

You can take a cab or Uber virtually everywhere in Kiev but if you want a cheap, quick and convenient way to get around the city, then take the subway.