The ultimate guide to dating Russian women

Find out how to date a Russian woman in this easy guide to Russian dating rules and customs. Become a pro at Russian online and in-person dating with

As you might have already guessed, dating rules and customs differ greatly around the world depending on the culture and history or the country. Lucky for you, we’ve prepared this guide to teach you all the rules of Russian dating so you’re never caught off-guard with your Russian girlfriend.

Expect to always pick up the bill

Even though in Europe and America it’s common for men and women to split the bill when they are on a date, in Russia this is not a common practice at all. As a rule, you should always pick up the bill for the night no matter who invited who to the date and no matter how much you and your date ordered at a restaurant. Your date might make a move and offer to pay, but don’t fall for it - she’s only doing it to be polite and is expecting you to pay the bill.

Know the importance of the word ‘devushka’

When it comes to talking to women in Russia, you should always remember the word ‘devushka’, which means ‘young woman’ and stay away from the word ‘zhenshina’, which means ‘older woman’. Even women in their fifties get offended when they are called by the older woman word, so just stick to ‘devushka’ whenever you’re talking to any female.

Russian women expect you to do all the heavy lifting

In Russia, women are considered to be very feminine and often fragile, which is why men are always expected to carry bags, move furniture and do the rest of heavy labor. If you’re going to the grocery store with your Russian girlfriend, be prepared to carry all or at least most of the bags - it is ideal if the woman has to carry only her purse.

Act like a gentleman

While it is not a requirement, acting like a real gentleman can greatly increase your chances with a Russian woman. Chivalry is not only allowed but welcome - things like opening the door for your date and letting her enter first, giving you her hand when she’s stepping out of a car or helping her with her chair or coat are some of the things that can help you make a great impression on your Russian date.

Frequently asked questions about Russian dating traditions

Should I bring flowers to a date with a Russian woman?

Just like most other women around the world, Russian women love flowers, so picking up a bouquet before your date can help start the evening off on the right note. One thing to remember is that the bouquet should have an odd number of flowers, as flowers in even numbers are reserved for funerals.

Should I wait for my Russian date if she’s late?

Absolutely! In Russia, it is considered absolutely normal for a woman to be late for a date, in fact, a lot of women believe that they should always be at least 10-15 minutes late to every date if you’re just starting dating.

Where should I take my Russian date?

If you’re going on a date in Russia, the most common choices are restaurants, cafes and movie theaters. You can also go for something a little more exotic like an amusement park or keep it simple with a walk in the park, although be ready to change plans if your date arrives in high heels or if it gets cold outside.