How to impress a Ukrainian girl

Use these tips and increase your chance of success! The girls who grew up in Ukrainian traditions are enviable wives. They know how to be faithful friends, excellent housewives, caring mothers.

Use these tips and increase your chance of success!

The girls who grew up in Ukrainian traditions are enviable wives. They know how to be faithful friends, excellent housewives, caring mothers. Many foreigners want to take such a spouse home. But the Ukrainians themselves are demanding women who carefully choose a man before agreeing to move. If your chosen one agreed to a second, third date, you have a significant chance of success, but there are still no guarantees. To achieve the goodwill of Ukrainian woman, follow these recommendations.

1. Surround her with attention and care

Cute SMS, messages in instant messengers, calls, gifts - use everything to show how interesting and important the girl is for you. If your relationship has not yet gone offline, regularly send her letters, gifts through the site. Ukrainians do not take seriously those who have not made themselves felt for weeks. Take an interest in her affairs, plans, mood, support with warm words. But within a reason. It is unlikely that she will be delighted by a call or SMS at three in the morning with the question “Are you already sleeping?” And "I am thinking of you..”

2. Joke and laugh

Another way to win the heart of a Ukrainian woman is to make her laugh. Ukrainians appreciate subtle, relevant jokes. If your sense of humor leaves much to be desired - read the humorous sites, watch videos, and then quote something according to the occasion. Proven practice - Ukrainians prefer funny and funny guys. But they themselves do not climb into your pocket for a word, be prepared for reciprocal jokes!

3. Make cute presentations

Brought flowers on a first date? Be sure - it added you bonuses in her eyes. But if you constantly give a bouquet of the same flowers, the bonuses will be permanently burned. Show your imagination and on the next date bring her a special present. Which one? Listen to what she says on a date, what she dreams about, what she admires. This information will lead to the idea of a gift.

4. Try and rate what she cooks

A proverb is popular in Ukraine: "The path to a man’s heart lies through his stomach." Therefore, Ukrainians from childhood learn to cook and many have achieved high excellence in this. Be sure to try what your girlfriend has prepared, praise her for her housekeeping and culinary abilities. Secret life hack: cook dinner yourself, show that you do not disdain messing around in the kitchen. No woman wants to become a cook for the family, no matter how much she loves to cook.

5. Respect her culture

Learning a few words in Ukrainian is certainly nice, but not enough to earn Ukrainian respect. Take an interest in the customs of the country, but do not rush to engage in discussions of the current political situation. Show that you are interested in what traditions she grew up in. The information will help you to avoid confusion and misunderstandings related to rituals, religion, which may vary slightly depending on the region of residence of the lady.

6. Highlight your reliability.

It is important for a Ukrainian girl to know that you can rely on you, count on your support and help. Even if she is financially secure in her country, after moving for some time she will be completely dependent on you. She wants to be sure that her life during this period will not get worse. Help her trust you: pay her bills in cafes and restaurants, taxi rides, theater and movie tickets.

The tips above are not universal and do not guarantee success. It may turn out that the girl does not like to cook or is indifferent to flowers. Each Ukrainian is special and you yourself have to find out these features. But the recommendations will be the starting point in an exciting journey to the heart of the Ukrainian woman.